So you’ve completed your prototype, be it hardware or software, and now you need to do something with it. What do you do?

I was in this exact position about a year ago when I’d completed my first prototype of the Owlett. I’d built a device to help a family member, I knew it could help others, and I wasn’t really sure where to start to get the idea out there.

What I ended up doing is looking for other entrepreneurs trying to do something similar, searching via meetup and Google to see what’s out there. I was lucky enough to find the Health Foundry, a Waterloo based digital health tech collective that helped me to make some connections with experts and charities that helped me to get feedback. can be a valuable source for groups, especially if you live near a big city. Even if you can’t find a group for your specific field, there’ll likely be more general entrepreneurial groups that you’ll be able to discuss this with.

And if you have a local makerspace, find out if they have an open day or an expo night that you could take the idea to. This will let you talk to experts who will be able to comment a bit more on the technology you’re using, and give you some advice if you need a better idea on where to go next with the engineering.

With that, hopefully you’ll be able to get the validation, connections, and feedback you’ll need to turn it into a real business.

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