Engineering plan

We can create an engineering project proposal document that defines the time-frames, milestones, components, and competencies needed to produce your idea. This will then be followed up with a discussion with you to ensure it meets your needs and is fit for your purposes.



Proof of concept

If you’re looking for something that can prove your concept is workable we can make your first prototype for you.



Minimum Viable Product

If you’re sure of your requirements, we can make something that will look and act like the product you eventually want to bring to market.


We’re also available for contract work if needed. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

My name is Billy…

Kingston Expo, Kingston Business School.

…And I can help you create the demonstrable version of the concept you want to turn into a startup.

Sometimes a great idea isn’t enough. You need something to show to your potential customers and those you want to partner with that it can work, helping you build traction for your business.

With over a decades background in a wide variety of fields, including software, hardware, cloud technology, and physical design, I can quickly make you the working prototype you need. This can be followed up with rapid prototyping based on your trialing and feedback to perfect the device.

On top of my engineering degree (specialising in robotics), I have also gained an MBA in technology management along with various related project management certifications. I have acted as the principal engineer in a number of professional positions and have six hackathon wins to my name with the help of the teams I’ve worked alongside.

A section of my portfolio can be seen below. On top of this a number of projects have been created for various private companies using the same skills. Concepts have been created in a wide variety of industries, including digital health, agriculture, and work with design houses.

Feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to advise you on your idea and discuss the next steps to work together.